FAQ Top 10

1.Does withdrawing from Samsung Link mean my Samsung account is canceled?

According to Samsung's account management policy, if you cancel your membership with any one of the family sites, your membership is canceled for all Samsung sites.

2.What is SugarSync?

SugarSync is a storage service affiliated with Samsung Link.
For more information, please visit the SugarSync site using the following link.
However, SugarSync may not be available depending on the policies of the individual country or network service provider.

3.What the Samsung Link TV features?

The TV features supported by Samsung Link are different from PC or mobile devices. The following 3 Samsung Link features use TV:
1) Use 'Change Player' feature
2) Access a storage service
3) Use content from other devices on your TV
* Please update your TV with the latest firmware.

4.How can I register a PC?

1) Open a browser on a PC and go to the Samsung Link website (http://link.samsung.com).

2) After you sign in, you are directed to the PC software installation page.

3) As described on the page, click the [Install the software] button in [Step 1] to proceed with the installation.

4) When the installation is complete, click [Register a PC] in [Step 2].

5) You will see your PC added to [Registered device] on the left hand side of the home screen.

5.Can I use Samsung Link on a Mac PC?

At present, Samsung Link only supports the Windows operating system.

6.How can I run Samsung Link on my TV?

To use a storage service or smart remote features on your TV, you must login to [Smart Hub].
Please update your TV with the latest firmware.
1) Press a button on the remote control to go to [Smart Hub].
Please update your TV with the latest firmware.
2) Select the [Samsung Link] icon in Smart Hub.
3) Login with the Samsung account you use for your PC or mobile device.
If you use 'Change Player' from your mobile device or PC, no separate setup is required.

7.Which PC can I register?

Regarding the PC, you can register any PC to Samsung Link regardless of the PC manufacturer as long as the PC satisfies the minimum requirements of the Samsung Link software.
CPU :Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.6GHz or higher
RAM : 2GByte or higher
OS : Windows XP/ Vista/ 7
* However, you have to install the software before registering the PC to use Samsung Link.

8.I would like to see photos in my mobile device or PC on my Samsung Smart TV. What should I do?

First, check if your mobile device or PC and TV support Samsung Link.
You can view photos on your mobile device (or PC) on your Samsung Smart TV in 3 ways.
1) Select content in your mobile device or PC and click [Change Player] to select TV in the search results. (Only TVs in the same network are searched.)
2) Enter [Smart Hub] on the TV and select 'Samsung Link'. You can view the PCs and mobile devices registered to Samsung Link on a TV over the network even if the TV is connected to a different network.
3) You can search for nearby devices that support DLNA from your TV and use them. In this case, you must set up your mobile device and PC first. The following describes how to set them up.
- Galaxy S III
Go to [Settings] > [More settings] > [Wireless and Network] > [Nearby devices] and turn on [Share a File].
- Galaxy S & Galaxy S II
Go to [Start AllShare] > [Settings] > [Upload from Another Device] and select [Always Allow] or [Always Ask].
- PC
If you click the Samsung Link icon in the taskbar notification area of your PC, you can see the [Peripheral Connection Settings] menu.
In that menu, you can specify folders to share with peripherals and allow or block file sharing with peripherals.

9.I would like to register my frequently used external storage service but it is not in the list.

You can only use affiliated storage services on Samsung Link.

10.How can I use Samsung Link on TV?

1) Run Samsung Link(ICON) on the Smart Hub.
2) Select a content type and run SugarSync.
3) The list of content items stored on the storage service appears.
4) Choose an item. The content item is played on the TV.