1.How can I register a PC?
  1. 1) Open a browser on a PC and go to the Samsung Link website (http://link.samsung.com).

  2. 2) After you sign in, you are directed to the PC software installation page.

  3. 3) As described on the page, click the [Install the software] button in [Step 1] to proceed with the installation.

  4. 4) When the installation is complete, click [Register a PC] in [Step 2].

  5. 5) You will see your PC added to [Registered device] on the left hand side of the home screen.

2.What is the Samsung Link PC software?

The Samsung Link PC software refers to the program that needs to be installed on your PC to run Samsung Link on your PC.
The Samsung Link icon is in the taskbar at the bottom.

3.Do I have to download the PC software?

Yes, the software must be installed on your PC before you can register the PC with Samsung Link.

4.The Samsung Link icon in the taskbar is always changing. What is the meaning of these icons?

    The Samsung Link icon in the taskbar provides the following information:

  1. 1) When the network is connected, and you have signed into the service with your account
    : You can access or play the content saved on the PC on a remote device or transfer content saved on the remote device to the PC.
    Even if you have signed out of the service, you can still access the PC from a remote device if the PC is turned on and connected to the network.

  2. 2) When the PC is not connected to the network
    : The icon indicates that the PC is not connected to the network. Please check the network connection.

  3. 3) When a file transfer is in progress
    : The icon indicates that a file is being transferred or received.

  4. 4) When there is an update available
    : The icon indicates that a new version of Samsung Link is available.
    Connect to the website, select [Settings]> [Registered device] and perform the ‘Update’.

5.The PC software is not installed.

Did you block the downloading function on your web browser or did you miss the download notification at the top or bottom of the browser?
Check these and try again.

6.How do I run the PC software?

You don't need to manually run the software. After downloading the software, signing in to Samsung Link on a web browser will automatically launch the software.

7.How do I update the PC software?

If a new version of the software is available, an update notification appears in the notification area in the taskbar.
You can also go to [Settings] > [Registered device] to view and update the software manually.
If you do not update the software, you may not be able to use some of the features. Keeping your software up to date is highly recommended.

8.I registered a PC but it says the PC is already registered by 5 other users.

If you want to use a PC that has already been registered by 5 users for your account, you need to unregister the PC from one of the 5 other user accounts.
If another person's account that has not been registered is represented as registered, check if a virtualization solution is being used. Although the PC is incorrectly recognized and the information may be represented as 5 users being registered in a virtualization solution, they are not actually registered and an unregistered user cannot access your account. In addition, a similar problem may occur when the unique identifier (MAC address) of the network card is not valid due to a problem with the network card.

9.A real time conversion feature is available to play movies on PC at a quality optimized for the mobile environment. What are the minimum system requirements for this feature?

The minimum requirement is the same as what is required to run Samsung Link (Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.66 GHz or higher).

10.What browsers support Samsung Link?

Microsoft Internet Explorer (8 or higher), Firefox (3.6 or higher), Chrome (10 or higher) and Safari (4 or higher) support Samsung Link.